Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

I can never decide what I love most. Back to school season or a new year. There is something about a clean slate that is just SO appealing to me. The thought that all the mistakes you made and all the things you didn't do were just part of your past and now you were starting anew with a shiny new future ahead of you.

It's the same reason why I love a brand new notebook. Do you know that sometimes if I start a new notebook and I don't like how what I wrote on the first page looks, I'll rip out that page and start again? I wouldn't want to start the new notebook on a bad note. I do the same thing with my to do lists sometimes too. If the to do list doesn't look pretty, then what is the point?

However, my least favorite thing about starting a new year is that New Year's Day is just right after New Year's Eve. Don't get me wrong. I'm not an idiot. I understand how it works. But I don't understand how anyone is expected to start their resolutions and be all happy and shiny for the new year when you just spent the night before boozing it up with champagne and staying up past midnight!

I woke up super late today (noon!) to the following:
  1. A fridge full of fatty-fatty leftovers from the party we threw last night
  2. Sticky counters from where the boys were mixing drinks
  3. Champagne glasses half full scattered around (some sticking to the sticky counters)
  4. A FULL sink of dishes that I was too exhausted to put in the dishwasher last night
  5. Cat puke on the carpet

Lovely. Just lovely.

So it's now nearly five. I'm still in my pjs. I've taken care of stuff above but really? Does this sound like the stellar beginning of a new year? I think I'm going to postpone my New Year start to Monday. It's the day I have to go back to work (I've been off since the 18th) and the day reality starts again. So why not just enjoy the weekend and face 2010 then?

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